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About Wendland Tank Corp.

Wendland Tank Corp. has been providing quality tanks and pressure vessels to their suppliers and customers for nearly 100 years. Some of these clients have included ADM, Bachtel, and municipal water districts for the cities of Arlington, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.

What's the key to Wendland Tank Corp.'s success?

Superior quality products, a streamlined production process, and years of experience. Plain and simple. Many of Wendland's representatives have been with the company for over 50 years, and the average tenure of their employees is in excess of 16 years. This kind of can-do, know-how experience adds tremendously to the exceptional quality of the product being built. All decisions are made right here at home in San Angelo, Texas. That means that these decisions are made faster and you get your product sooner, rather than later.

Mr. H.G. Wendland founded the company in 1921 doing mainly light-gauge fabrication. While the past has been good, the future is looking even better. Today, Wendland manufactures an entire line of tanks and pressure vessels for the water, waste water, and chemical industries, as well as aroma tanks for the natural gas industry and light-gauge tanks for the oil markets.

Looking toward the future, the company is well situated to take advantage of some very important markets. Water resource management is being accomplished by the use of Wendland water conditioning and water filter tanks. The hydropneumatic tank products have been expanded to meet the needs of municipal water districts and other waste utilities. Along with this comes sophisticated quality control procedures, the newest welding techniques, and the ability to cementline the interiors of tanks used in very corrosive environments.

With continued growth and expansion, Wendland truly represents the "can-do" attitude and the "no job is too small and no project too large" philosophy.