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Hydropneumatic Storage Tanks

Our hydropneumatic tanks are primarily used for private and public water systems for potable service. They can also be used in wastewater treatment plant applications. A properly designed and maintained system can give many years of trouble-free and economical service. For proper selection and sizing of your potable hydropneumatic system, we suggest you contact the domestic water supply division of your particular state’s health division.

The hydropneumatic tank outline drawings provided in this website are for convenience and are intended only as guides. We can fabricate the vessel to meet the requirements of any type of controls system. Both the fabrication of vessels to ASME Code with stamp or as a Wendland standard pressure tank are available.

As these tanks are generally for potable service, great care must be taken in selection of interior tank linings. We suggest using a lining approved by the American Water Works Association per pamphlet AWWA D-102, latest revision.


General Notes

  1. See Support section for available supports.
  2. Manway is not required on tanks 36" or less unless unlined. Inspection couplings will be installed if manway is not required. Manway is required for all lined tanks other than galvanized.
  3. Vertical legs dimension can be changed as required.


Vertical Hydropneumatic Storage Tank

Horizontal Hydropneumatic Storage Tank