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Water Storage Tanks

Our Wendland water storage tanks are used with a boiler, solar heating medium or other type of hot water heating systems to store domestic water. When sized properly, these tanks are an effective means of hot water storage. As peak hot water demand requirements are critical, we suggest using ASHRAE's latest guide and data book for the sizing of these tanks.

The hot water storage tank drawings shown on this page are for customer convenience and are intended only as a guide. We will custom fabricate each vessel to your requirements. We can fabricate the vessels per ASME Code with stamp or as a Wendland standard pressure tank (code or non-code.)

Because hot water can be corrosive, we recommend these tanks be internally lined for extended tank life. For interior linings, Wendland recommends Epoxoline or Cementline. Refer to the lining section of this site for other available linings.

Wendland Manufacturing can formulate and write specifications for your particular hot water storage tank requirements.



General Notes

  1. If centerline of vessel is on girth seam, openings will be offset 6".
  2. See accessory details for alternate supports.
  3. Manway is not required on tanks 36" or less unless lined. Inspection couplings will be installed if manyway is not required.
  4. Vertical legs dimension can be changed as required.


Vertical Water Storage Tanks

Horizontal Water Storage Tanks